Expert Furniture Assembly and Handyman Services in NJ Request a Free Quote! Call on (201) 509 5353 Expert Furniture Assembly and Handyman Services in NJ Request a Free Quote! Call on (201) 509 5353
Expert Furniture Assembly and Handyman Services in NJ Request a Free Quote! Call on (201) 509 5353 Expert Furniture Assembly and Handyman Services in NJ Request a Free Quote! Call on (201) 509 5353

Best Murphy Bed Installation NJ

Elevate your space with precision and style: Furniture Assembly NJ specializes in seamless Murphy bed installation, where expertise meets innovation.  

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Maximize Your Space with Murphy Bed Service in NJ

Living in New Jersey means understanding the lure of close-knit towns, thriving cities, and smaller apartments. Don’t allow limiting square footage to hinder your style! At Furniture Assembly NJ, we’re your Murphy bed installation superheroes, ready to turn your home into a space-saving refuge. We do not simply install Murphy Beds; we unlock your home’s potential. Our professional installers are prompt, quick, and focused, ensuring that your wall bed installation in NJ is aligned and secure. We provide a range of styles and solutions to suit your preferences and budget.  

Are you ready to unlock your home’s potential? Schedule your Murphy Bed installation in NJ, and let us show how it may improve your space and lifestyle! 

Professional Installers

Hire Professional Installers for Wall Bed Installation

While installing a Murphy bed may appear to be a simple operation, it is essential to understand the value of hiring expert installers. While anybody may do the installation, the complicated mechanics and perfect alignment necessary for a Murphy bed require expertise. Professional installers offer skills to ensure the installation is secure and perfectly incorporated into your environment. Their expertise guarantees the bed works smoothly and securely. It resolves issues that may develop during or after installation.  

Are you ready for a seamless Murphy bed installation? Call Furniture Assembly NJ today for a secure, smooth, and stylish upgrade to your living space!  

Our Exceptional Murphy Bed Installation Process

Our superior installation technique makes it easy to transform your space with a Murphy bed. Here’s a step-by-step guide to ensure a hassle-free installation: 


Assessment and Planning

Our staff examines your area and talks about your ideas. We customize the installation to your room's measurements and preferred Murphy bed design.


Tools and Equipment:

Our tools and equipment ensure an accurate and efficient installation. From drills to levels, we provide everything you need to do the job smoothly.


Safety First:

We do a complete safety assessment of the chosen wall or area to ensure stability. Our staff adheres to the industry's best standards to ensure a safe Murphy bed setup.


Precise Installation:

We begin the installation with accuracy and attention to detail. Our professionals attach the bed, ensuring that it aligns correctly and works smoothly.


Final Inspection:

Following installation, we do a final examination to ensure all components are firmly in place. Our team verifies for appropriate alignment, functioning, and overall aesthetics.

Schedule your wall bed installation today for a stress-free experience at Furniture Assembly, NJ. 

The Benefits of Murphy Bed Installation

Murphy bed brings diversity and practicality to your place. Aside from its space-saving characteristics, it blends easily into your home, providing a fashionable option for small flats or multi-purpose spaces. 

Enjoy the benefits of a Murphy bed! Get a Murphy bed with installation for a perfect combination of design and function. Call Furniture Assembly NJ now. 

Affordable Murphy Bed Installation Service in NJ

We think that style and convenience should not come at a high cost. Our Murphy bed installation service in NJ is handled expertly and cost-effectively. Enjoy the comfort of a space-saving bed without breaking your wallet. Everyone can afford to remodel their living space with a Murphy bed at our affordable rates. Elevate your house reasonably by scheduling your Murphy bed installation with Furniture Assembly NJ and discovering the ideal balance of quality and affordability. 

Choose Us for Your Murphy Bed in New Jersey

Our commitment to accuracy and seamless style make us the ideal partner for wall bed installation in NJ. Join countless satisfied customers who trust Furniture Assembly, NJ. Schedule your installation now, and let us transform your home into a place of elegance and functionality. Your perfect Murphy bed is only a click away. 

Frequently Asked Questions
How much space is needed for a Murphy bed installation?

The space required depends on the model and its size. There should be adequate wall space for the bed to fold without obstacles. 

Can I change the style of my Murphy bed to match my home's decor?

Yes, we provide several customizing possibilities. You may tailor the design to match the design of your home. 

Is the installation procedure disruptive?

Our team works hard to ensure that the procedure runs well.  

How long does the installation take?
The installation time depends on the intricacy of the Murphy bed design and the existing circumstances in the space.
Is there a possibility of them unintentionally folding back up?

Modern Murphy beds include safety mechanisms to prevent accidental folding. These include secure latching systems and counterbalanced mechanisms